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Get the JobZone for your regional chamber!...

Promote your chamber and help your local businesses with the new JobZone. Designed to complement your existing chamber benefits and encourage more businesses to join.

National job search sites favor large national companies. Local businesses and local job seekers get lost in the mix. Instead pull local talent out of your community. A local job listing will bring together the right people in the your community and boost the local economy.

The Jobzone supports all types of jobs, from full-time to part-time, temporary and volunteer. Businesses and groups can start posting jobs quickly, edit them freely and choose how they would prefer to be contacted by applicants. They can also view applicant's resumes right on the site. Job Seekers can post their resumes for employers to view and browse the job postings.

The Jobzone can be customized to your needs, matching the style of your local chamber and integrating the JobZone into your existing website. Or you can choose from one of our many templates. We setup your new JobZone and provide technical support as it grows.

If you think the JobZone would be right for your community, please have your chamber contact us at: or call us at: 518-581-0690 and get started on the JobZone today.




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