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Q:   How do I register?
A:   Click on the Register link beneath your local Chamber heading on the right menu.. Then choose Job Seeker or Employer.

Q:   I forgot my password.
A:   Click on the Home Page link beneath your Chamber heading on the right menu. Then Click on the 'Forgot Password' link located on your chambers main page.

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A:   A cookie is personalized data that we use to keep track of your information. For example, when you sign in, a cookie lets us remember who you are. Since the cookie contains this type of information, and not programs that can run, a cookie cannot contain a virus.

Q:   What do I do if I am still having trouble?
A:   You can contact us by email or phone. If you are getting an error please be sure to write down any message you recieved and the web page you were trying to access.

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